Trying To Fix My Delayed Sleep

Hi everybody

Recently I have been making a big effort to change my sleep problem.  I think I might have come up with a regime that helps me.

I absolutely hate mornings and am almost non-functional.  My body wants to sleep at 4am.  Times I have to get up at 7am are HELL.  I feel this made me an underacheiver because I skipped selected morning classes at university.  At work I had to function but needed three alarms and NEVER had breakfast.  I was in acceptance at that stage and did not even realise how little sleep I was getting.  People say stuff like "We all feel like this in the morning!" but they mean after more than six hours of sleep.  When I occasionally got to sleep at 2 or 3 am I felt OK (well like 2 alarms only OK).

Recently I have come to realise alot of things about my problem.  I actually want to be a morning person now (well i wudnt want to be like a morning person but i want to function).  Everything I am now dreaming of doing like having babies, ponies, puppies needs me to be reliable and routine!

I am a great sleeper.  Recently I went on holiday to Mexico and did not suffer jet lag but it is a huge time shift for me.  When I arrived on my holiday I had the best quality sleep ever!  I believe it was because my body was still on my normal bed time which resulted at me going to bed at 10 or 11pm Mexican.  However my high quality sleep continued for the full two weeks, 10am Mexican was a lie in!  I now believe that my body adjusted well because the time difference was favourable and because each day I was getting lots of high quality sunlight!

Now I realise that in my life here in the UK I get very little high quality sunlight.  When I worked there was no natural sunlight and I get more light at night because I like to have my lights on full.  I also hate to open the curtains when I wake cos my eyes are tired.  I also drank alcohol to get me to sleep.  Now I know these are all things that have exacerbated my problem.

Sometimes I have been a little down about this problem, it is really frustrating.  I have been continually sleep deprived.  Today I am feeling really hopeful.  If you want to know how I am going along trying to treat this thing please read my blog - I am putting in detailed accounts of what is happening.

Bye for now!

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Yes! Anything early morning was for me like NOOooooo anything but that. If others had opened the window curtains before I woke and I walked out into the brightly lit room my immediate reaction was to cover my eyes. I love the outdoors and the sun but NOT in the mornings. I've always been like this at least since 10-13 yrs old. I started working at a job at 13 yrs old and all jobs were on the night shift and my parents permitted me to work until 10-11pm on school nights.

When I became an adult and could control things my earliest job was 11am-8pm, when working this job my bed time was 2-4am and I'd get up at 9:30-10am and go to work. Most jobs were the 3pm-11pm shift which I loved. I'd do my shopping at night after work. On days off I'd enjoy being outside doing anything, hiking, swimming, you name it.

It became apparent that this is what I needed when I became at mother. Yes I got up with my baby. Yes I did the day time thing with my child. Yes I fed him breakfast and got him to school. However, I completely dragged *** until about noon! When it was time to pick him up after school at 2:30-3pm I was wided-eyed and ready to go! We then had baseball practice and many after school and evening activities.....all a joy.

You have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. You're running on a twenty seven/ twenty eight hour day. You will never, EVER be able to fix this. It's just like you can't keep a day person up all night. I sleep at about five thirty am until about one or two. I work at night when I am at the apex of my energy. If you try to fix this it may work out for awhile. However the minute you stray from your new schedule -forget it. You'll be right back where you started. DSPD is recognised as a disability by the US. That may help you. Also adjust & work at night! Don't fight your body. You'll just miserable. No medical advice, just my opinion.

That's the truth of it. I've tried all kinds of stuff to be a "normal" day time person. I'm 52 and it's never worked. I've done it yes, but was miserable and my health suffered. I'd read in bed for hours next to my snoring husband at the time, trying not to wiggle around too much and wake him up. My mother and my youngest sister rise at like 6am every day and after supper time they "have had it" they say and will drop into bed by no later then 9pm, sometimes 8pm. They sleep when I am wide-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go!

im suffering