I Have The All-on-4 Dental Implants

I had my whole mouth redone with the all-on-4 dental implant system. I'm in Canada and had it done at Chrysalis Dental Centre in Toronto. I have to tell you, on the day of surgery, within a couple of hours, what was left of my painful decayed broken teeth were replaced with a whole set of beautiful brand new permanent (fixed, I cannot remove them) teeth. I didn't feel a thing throughout the surgery.. I chose IV sedation. Woke up from that, feeling absolutely fine, just comfortably sleepy. I didn't have a mouth full of gauze when I woke up, just a mouth full of teeth. On the day of surgery and the following day I had zero bleeding, zero pain, zero swelling, zero bruising. The day after that, for two days, I had a bit of swelling, one bruise, and a bit of pain that was taken care of nicely with just one regular over-the-counter Advil a couple times a day. I didn't need any of the prescription paid meds. I brush my teeth like a regular person, and I floss with a WaterPik. I also have to go in a couple times a year for a professional cleaning, just like I would with real teeth. My ability to chew properly has been restored so I can eat whatever I want. My only regret is not doing it sooner.
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And how are you doing now duckonapond? You've had time to get used to your full arch implants - top and bottom. How is everything feeling and how are you managing with eating foods you like?

I have two, One front and One rear tooth. Got mine done in Poland by a company called http://www.mydentaltravel.co.uk , not a worry at all. There facilities blew the NHS dentist away, the price is about a 3rd..... Investigate it. They have europeons from everywhere going there (Irish, Germans and Swede's especially)

Hi, are you still happy with your 4-on-one Implant systems. It is now 18 months since the procedure - have you had any problems? Thank you Sally

Me too had the same situation and it was so difficult for me to handle. A friend suggest me an Oakville dentist. I was really surprised to see my brand new tooth and i'm glad that i got my regular life back.

Hi, One again, since the implants how are you doing, have you had any problems or is everything fine? Thanks Sally

Yes, I got my teeth the same day as the extractions. Walked out of the dental office with a new, full set of teeth... no gauze in my mouth, nothing. Just really nice teeth.<br />
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The cost for both arches (full mouth) done at the same time is about $50,000.

how much was this procedure,and did you get your new teeth right after extraction