Dental Implants

My mom has been considering getting dental implants Calgary. I don't know exactly what she should expect because I have never had them. Does anybody wanna tell us what she should expect and what she can do to help her prepare for this?
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I have just had all teeth removed and 6 implants placed. Did not expect not to be able to wear temporary dentures right after due to pain, how long does it take before I won't be in pain with dentures(temporary) in.

I had my implants placed in my 50s and my brother in his 60s with great success. I have two implants that cost about $5000. Insurance picked up a portion of it. My procedure consisted of a bone graft and sinus lift, a 6 month healing time, then implant placement and implant crown. It has been several years since the procedure, and I am very pleased with the result. I can eat whatever I want. My implants are brushed and flossed like natural teeth and so far the teeth adjacent are stable and in good health. Good luck to your mom. Tell her to go for it.

Well, dental implants have always been a great help for the people who had issues with their teeth. Its a FDA approved procedure, its safe. But considering that your mother must be of old age, she should get the bone density checked and then go for the treatment. Its really very important to have healthy jaw bones to get the implant fused properly.<br />