Painful And Expensive

I have Dentinogenesis Imperfecta and like the other posters don't know anyone outside my family that has it.

I'm 31 and it has finally got to the point were my teeth constantly falling apart is really starting to get me down. I have just been to the dentist and according to him my my best bet now is Dental Implants, he feels it is the only way to stop the gum pain....not likely to happen though, suggested it could cost me £50,0000.

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instead of getting an implant for every tooth you can look into getting the whole row done, I'm not sure exactly what it is called, but you can google osteointegration and they can implant about 4 titanium posts either on upper or lower rows and then instead of each individual tooth they can put a whole row of teeth on, which will save a lot of money and you can do it to the top and bottom and it can be done in one visit. i do not know the conversion rate, but in a private practice to do a whole mouth all teeth the cost is around $20,000 and at a state college doing the same thing is between $8,000-$10,000. its a big difference.

I have DI, and I did have to have dental implants. I live in Canada, with no dental insurance.Tthey suggested getting my back teeth done in implants (as my fronts are covered with porcelain veneers and are in okay shape). I had 8 teeth put in. I had been quoted from dentists here that it would be $40,000.00 Something i don't have! So I went to a University in my province, and had them done there. The people that did them were last year dental students learning to do implants. The entire thing was supervised by two professors, so it was very save. It cost $14,000.00. Still more than I have, but I have taken out a loan for it, and now 2+ years later have it 3/4 paid off. The procedure was fine. It wasn't painful, and the new "teeth" are great. They look and feel just like real teeth. I'm happy with them.<br />
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PS: I'm 28, and most of my teeth crumbled when I was in my early 20's.

I'm so sorry that you're experiencing so many problems with your teeth right now. :(<br />
I'm about your age, and I've been having a lot of gum pain in the past couple of years too. I saw a dentist about the constant throbbing pain in my molar on the side I chew, and he said the only thing I could do was pull the tooth. I was so desperate for relief that I agreed. I've been regretting it ever since, because two attempts at placing an implant have failed (the oral surgeon believes my jaw bone may not be normal due to the DI). Having a missing molar has caused more problems. I'm waiting for another tooth to fail to try placing an implant in another location. That may happen soon, because the tooth right next to the one removed has started aching over the past few months. My dentist said that he thought it was the membrane around the tooth becoming inflamed and painful, and there was nothing that could be done apart from removing the tooth again. He didn't know if this was related to the DI, but since you're experiencing gum pain too, I suspect that it is. My mom and a few of my aunts with DI have had implants placed with no problem, so I'm still hopeful that I will have more luck in the future. I wish that implants were covered by insurance to make them financially possible for so many of us with DI who desperately need them!