I Have Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Unfortunetly, I have a disorder called Dentinogenesis Imperfecta. It's when you are born without enamel on your teeth. Other side effects is that your teeth are smaller than "normal" teeth, and they often are softer and prone to breakage. In my case the first born child has always been born with DI,  and we can trace it back to our Irish roots (1700's). My most severe side effect out of all I have meantioned is my self image. I can only talk for myself, but not a lot of dentist have heard about DI so you feel alone. If you don't have great dental insurance which my family didn't have when I was growing up, I was forced to live with gray teeth fro 18 years of my life. My dentist wouldn't touch my teeth until they were fully matured. I have grown up afraid to smile. That has caused me to be shy person. I am really interested in hearing about other peoples experiences with DI. I have a three year old who has DI (shocker he is the first born) and I don't and I mean don't want him to grow up the way I did. Thankfully I have good dental coverage and I made a promise to myself that he would not grow up with grey teeth. It's a mean world and people these days care about articial things such as bright white teeth and nice clothes. I can't wait to hear about your experiences!

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I have this baby teeth fine new teeth were brilliant white and then all flaked off.
Have had just composite veneers teeth still look bad I'm just use to it.
My brother has it too but no one else in the family history.
Now I have two girls 5 and 7 the oldest definitely has it in her new teeth. The 5 year old has only lost two bottom teeth and the new ones look discoloured.
As a child kids would say you smoke your teeth are yellow or you don't clean your teeth but I just got use to it. Luckily I didn't want to be an actor singer or model. I am a horticulturalist the plants don't mind. I find it really worries my friends and other people. I don't really even notice it. I'm not that vain!! I wish my kids didn't have it.

No! You don't have DI! You have amelogenesis imperfecta! Please google it so you know the true disorder!

I too was born with DI I got porcelain on the first top 6 teeth and silver caps in the back when I was 15 now 37 I'm ashamed to smile they have chipped and the teeth I never fixed are so small ,I have been asked if I do drugs(meth)which that makes me feel like crap and I want to never smile....I have two girls my oldest has it but the other dosn't.both my brother and sisters have it,but my brothers kids were born with beautiful teeth...???

In our family the DI occurs just about 50% of the time (as expected!), but as far as I know one of the first two children always has it. I know some in our family who've had 3 in a row with DI, or 3 in a row with normal teeth (after the first), though... I guess it's just like having a boy or a girl - It's a toss up every time! ;)<br />
I do not understand at all why some dentists refuse to work on teeth with DI until the late teens/early 20's. I had my teeth bonded when I was 15, and they've held up fine for 15 years!! The pediatric dentists I've talked to have all told me that there's no reason not to work on baby teeth or the adult teeth right after they come in except for the expense and intensity of the procedures (for a young child to go through). I strongly believe that it's worth it to give them a "normal" start in life. I did have one dentist tell me that I should wait until my daughter is older and see if her abnormal teeth bother her before pursuing cosmetic treatment. I think that unfortunately by the time it bothers her she'll have already been teased and given a complex about something being wrong with her. I sometimes wonder how my personality may have developed differently if I hadn't had to keep my mouth shut for fear of someone seeing my brown teeth...

I never heard of it until now. Thanks for enlightening me. I plan to be a dentist, so I learned from this. The nerve of some people is unbelieveable. Judging based on appearance is ignorant and rude. I wonder what causes it. If I were in that position and Dentinogensis Imperfecta only effected appearance, I would not want to change it. I would be determined to prove everyone wrong. I greatly hope that you can get help.

It really is a mean world. Especially now when there is so much publicity about having white teeth (white stripes, etc). I was teased as a child, and even now if I tell the wrong person about my condition will say something rude. <br />
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You're lucky to have dental insurance. I don't have it here in Canada, and I was told that if I wanted to buy it, I would need to pay for a year without any claims, and then they still may decide to not insure me. I wanted implants for my back teeth, so after finding a cheap place to get them done (a university that teaches implants), I had to take out a personal loan for them. Luckily it was only $14,000.00 (which is still alot when you don't make alot), but it's doable.<br />
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I have porcelain veneers on my front top & bottom, and they have been a miracle. I've had them for 14 years, and they are still there and in good shape.