I Feel Like Less Of A Man!

I recently had ALL my teeth pulled and have dentures.I feel now, that I could not be "tough" if something happend in a bar or public place. I am 38 and feel as if my masculinity has been taken.I cant talk without them, I cant eat without them, but I cant stand to wear them.Anyone else feel this in the begining?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I'm 37 and going through the same ****. Although I don't frequent bars I don't feel like less of a man because of my lack of teeth. I talk without them all the time, no one can understand me but I still talk a lot. Singing sucks. Eating has been fun, my wife likes how much stronger my tongue is now. <br />
I only can't stand them because I still have 2 teeth which causes an uneven bite. Hopefully they can pull those tomorrow and get this process over with. For anyone wondering why I still have 2 teeth, I had 27 pulled at once and they couldn't give me any more novicain.