Does It Hurt To Wear Dentures?

Hi. After you're gums heal, do the dentures still hurt? My mom says hers rub against her gums and she gets food stuck in her gums. I'm 36 and considering getting them. I need a lot of work done. The cheapest thing to do is to get dentures. I have about 10 missing teeth already. Thanks.
mylv4christ mylv4christ
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Hi - I've had mine for only 6 days. I had about the same amount of missing teeth as you. I am 48 and always have looked in my 30's - until now. This is just such a permanent thing- I don't think at 36 you can possibly be prepared for how emotionally disturbing it is to see yourself with no teeth. If you can get a partial I personally think it is better by far - My smile is beautiful but looking back I wish I had taken friends advice and gone to Mexico and had dental work done cheap or to look for a dental school and get my work done there.