Dependent Persoality Overview

 I have DPD I know from both my education, life's experience and endless reading. There are always two main topics that seem to circulate: 1)- Hopelessness; 2)- Money issues; make that three: and the inability to successfully remain independent.

I know there are no easy answers or answers at all but it's just nice to know that others out there may share the same issues (misery loves company??).

In therms of my personality situation (my story), I'll make it brief. I have a graduate degree, worked 38 years, was married 16, have one 20 year old son who lives with me and that's about it. The small details like: I am a life long runner, photographer, etc., seem preferable to the basics.

Thanks!Dependent Personality Disorder
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It's great that you have done so much with your life to be proud of even though you have DPD. x

I'm 33 my relationship of 3 years has ubruptly ended. I own my home. Can do just the basics. But I feel like I have nothing to live for other than my pets.

hey, new to the forum, just want to say that I think even sharing your experience is a sign of strength