I'm pretty much positive I have DPD. I've never been professionally diagnosed, but I fit pretty much every symptom, and on top of that, I get hyper-attached to certain people, and usually it's just one person, that I depend on for everything. I need them around, I need to see them, to talk to them. When I'm separated from them I get hugely depressed, and if it's for more than a week I'll try to kill myself, which I have learned from experience. I see them usually once a week, and it's really hard for me. It's also hard living with this because I can't do stuff by myself. In a lot of my classes we often get big projects, and I can't start them because I can't do it by myself, I can't even do homework, so I'm failing school, which just adds to my depression. My parents basically hate me for all of this, and they don't even know DPD exists.

DonRicci DonRicci
13-15, F
Mar 7, 2010