Uhh Im 15 Years Old And I Feel As Though Im Not Real Every Day Seems To Bring More Anxiety

i had a traumatic childhood some could say i was raped for 3 years as from 6 to 9 everysingle weekend and i hid that secret deep inside till i was 11 and i pretty much hide my emotions and all my anxiety cause i figure no one wants to hear a whiner, but my anxiety and depression has gotten so heavy lately that i dont feel real anymore but its good to know other people out there suffer from this as well i recently told my parents in hope that id get help soo lets see how all this works out
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Im so sorry, I know how you feel, I was sexually abused to when I was little, and your mind has to shut off your emotions and take you to another place so that you wont have to feel so horrible all the time. I cope with it well sometimes, you should try to constantly distract yourself from all those negative feelings, go out and do things, dont think. try not to be alone with nothing to do, think about/ do things that make you happy, focus on material things because they cant elicit strong emotions the way people can. Maybe go on antidepressents. just pretend your in a game and no matter how many times an obstacle comes up and tries to make you lose, dont let it. I think that having hard life experiences will make some people even stronger and more successful if they dont focus on the negative and harden themselves, and some people will just get so depressed/anxious they cant even cope with life anymore and they just give up and blame their circumstances on their past. I dont want you or anyone else to end up that way, stay strong

I didn't have a very good childhood either. I'm 15 years old. My depersonalization was triggered from smoking weed, although the doctors told me it would've came along someday. The weed just happened to trigger it faster, and brought it on sooner than it would have if I never would've smoked the weed. So, basically I would've had it later on in life anyways. The DP makes my anxiety worse & makes me have more panic attacks. It makes me feel like I'm in a dream all the time. As if I'm watching my life go by in a movie. It feels like I'm in a dream 24/7; more like a nightmare I'm not able to wake up from. I've only had this disorder for three months now, and I'm getting help too. It's just good to know that I'm not the only one. At first, I thought I was the only one because it's nothing I've ever heard of before. But.... after doing some research on the internet & looking at other people's stories... I now realize I'm not the only one. And i want you to know you're not the only one either. There is help for us, so don't lose help. It's been proven that some anti-depressents have helped with depersonalization. And some depersonalization just fades away on it's own. It just depends on the person, you know? Well, best wishes hun! You'll be okay, just hang in there (: