Constant High Feeling

I'm new to this site so I'm going to tell you a lol about myself. I'm 24 year old female overweight most of my life but I carry it well. In September 2012 I began having constant heart palpitations. I went to the er several times for chest pain heart burn they ruled out heart attack. I been to the hospital 6 times in the one year they thought I was crazy. I had holter EKG echo done the holter showed PVC and fast heart rate it went up to 160 bpm that scared me u had episodes if those back when I was 18 then it all stopped now back full force. So I was out in beta blocker metoprolol it slowed my heart rate but PVC still here n there. The electrophysiologist examed my holter said everything looked benign the PVC were common and my 160 bpm heart rate was my regular heart beating like that it wasn't a deadly arrhythmia so he sed the medicine I'm in was good or he can do an ablation but I have no insurance so that was out. But at the end in September I started feeling out if it my eyes were blurry seeing white spots and lightning bolts alot headaches so severe nothing would help it. Had 2 head ct scans nothing showed. My neck n shoulders are very tender n stiff. I feel like I'm in a constant high and can't come out if it. I have thoughts running thru my head constantly I get dizzy under floressent lighting its the worse my head n lips tingle at times. I jump in my sleep all the time thus sucks so bad and when I google my symptoms depersonalization and derealization pop up.. I feel like I'm going crazy! Helpppp
Maliasmom Maliasmom
22-25, F
Dec 16, 2012