Cured And A Better Person Now

hey how are you doing
you dont know me but i decided to come back and read about people going through depersonalization , why ?
1 year ago it happened to me and i felt the same way you are feeling right now i literary though i was dying and i felt i had no feeling and i was numb did not feel anything i was like a robot , i saw my face in the mirror and i was like who the hell is that guy in that mirror
when i looked at people i just saw i bunch of bag filled with bones inside i lost the perception of life and i saw no purpose to it i was in a hole without escape........ i had to work night shirt and sometimes i would wake up and just stare at the wall for like 24 hours i was fired from my work i lost friends and everything ...
but then i though about it and i said to my self God created us perfect i was perfect till that happened to me, and then i realized that the human body has its capacity to recover against anything, the human body its like a super machine and it has an incredible healing capacity i dont even imagen how powerful it can be.
i started reading and researching about my problem i told my self you are notttttt crazy im healthy and i will be perfect as i was months ago i would repeat that to my self 24/7 i said noooooooooooooo to any pills noooooooooooooooooo to any drugs my body its powerful enough to heal it self
and guess what ???? after all my research and all the time iput into this i found the problem
it was depersonalization and desocialization and mayor anxiety i wasnt able to sit with more than 2 people or even watch tv because it woudl freak me out hahahahahahaha it was badddd i felt like jumping off a bridge i was in a veryyyy bad shape i could barley see and my neck was sooo heavy
right now im 1000000 % better i feel amazing i love life im inlove with myself everything around me its wonderful and 1000000000000 % recovered and i can tell you that in order for you to be better and feel better you have to tell your self that its only a state of mind what you have and even though you dont know me im gonna tell you right now what worked for me and what brought me back to life, and im telling you this because i feel your pain and i felt what you are feeling right now ...
*first you most have to be in peace with your self , do not listen to any music only listen to peaceful instrumental music nothing else go in a room once or twice a day and just sit there close your eyes and listen to meditation music and clear your mind do not watch tv or even go on the computer because it will affect you negatively be in peace and clear your mind from all the bad stuff, your body its giving you a signal that needs to rest
*second you most try to reject bad thoughts because thoughts are more powerful than what you think , everytime a bad thought come to your mind concentrate on something else
and remember do not analyze life dont do it try not to think about the problem always try to get your mind onto something else
*third get a good multivitamin not a cheap one for 20 box if you have to spend 100 on a great multivitamin do it its for your own health also get vitamin b you dont understand how important vitamin b 12 is when it comes to this google it ..... also a good omega 3 and 6
because what you have its a chemical imbalance in your brain and the only way to fix it its by having a good diet ,
* you most go for a run or try to workout so that you can oxygenate your brain and your body
working out also helps your body on the production of endorphins and dopamine those are neurotransmitters that helps you feel good so you better start working out ;)
* take plenty of sun shine because it has a huge impact in the production of serotonin in the body another neurotrasmitter that makes you feeling good
* get a neck massage and a body massage once a week if you can
i hope this information help you i know it will and im sure you will be better and happy as you were before
this is my email if you want to talk to someone
and dont worry you willl feel like brand new but its a matter of time it take quite a few months
do not expect fast results because its a whole process that your body has to go through in order to heal and to get better
take care :)
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Hi i was wondering if you could help me out i have the problem you had

I am going to try all of these techniques! Thank you for sharing! At this point in my disorder I will try anything. I really don't want to get on medication but I'm breaking down every day and crying feeling like I have no other choice. I will put your techniques to use first!

That is so great that you took healing in your own hands! Congrats!
In practice, I have seen this disorder healed with hypnotherapy. Keep those negative thoughts away!
Much light and positivity to you!

Hey...I suffered with anxiety 5 months back during my final examinations of 2nd year in college.I didn't know what I was going through but I just worried and soon did I start concentrating on everything around hands legs and challenged my sub conscious mind each time.I went worse and worse.left everything practically everything.I went to a councellor and even a psycatrist.the best one in town..and even she diagnosed me with mere anxiety and gave me anti depressants.I never took them though except for a night dose of 50 mg which is q
Quite a mild prescription.but no improvements.till then I was left with no option except for browsing the net.I browsed and came through depersonalization.and I was convinced I had it.I did everything to distract myself each day.traveled around 70 kms a books exercised cooked..and meanwhile came through the importance of b12.I got my b12 tested and was deficient.
I still feel weird though ..still I find I m improving and will improve gradually.positive energy is very much essential...I would say that.
I know all of us who are writing a post as sufferers here will soon fly high and rise to conquer this ****.let's be positive.keep our fingers crossed and wait for recovery.coz I and all of u out there know that we will far as I HV read do is totally curable and recovery just depends on how we feel.