Living With Dp

This episode has now lasted 4 months, and I feel like the real me has gone away, I have no sense of self or identity and have a constant "who am I" in my head and feel uncomfortable in my own skin and scared of my own existence. This episode was caused by depression, I had depression 3 days before I started to disconnect and I lost myself. Had to be weaned off of old medication which had stopped working after 7 years, now been on new meds for 3 weeks, but still not feeling great, depression symptoms as well as DP. I miss my old life, I miss being "me".......
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Hi. I understand your feeling and I am starting an online support group on a website that allows people to make an avatar, speak freely and be in the same room. Please send me a message and we can talk. It's free and I am not a robot. I just need help and want to help others while I get it

Looks like you need to get out there and find yourself. Can't do that by staying where you are now, can you? By the way, the psychiatry industry is a joke. They make money off of throwing pills at you and not "really" talking with you as a human and helping you overcome where you are at to become more of the person you want to be. These happy pills don't do anything. The psychiatry industry is just so horrible. I'd separate myself from them if I was you. I hate them with a passion, and for good reason too. I know what they are all about.

Anyway, what helped me find my identity was finding out things I liked and enjoyed and spending time doing those things. What really is a source of identity for me is veganism. It like "woke me up." Can't describe it really. But once you feel like you are really making a positive difference in this world, it can snap you out of a depression because then you know you're life is meaningful and you have something to offer the world.

I recommend you watch this speech. It's powerful and might get you to wake up and find the inner you calling out.