How To Calm Down?..

I've posted before on my issues and I know I've already talked about how dp his me bad while driving. But it's been getting so much worse. It's getting to a point where I'll realize that I'm not even looking at the road anymore... But my body is still driving somehow and I'm not even going off the path. I've been freaking out because I'm barely ever watching the road nowadays. How should I stay calm? How do I stay focused?
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I also have this symptom. What sometimes helps me is focusing on your hands touching the wheels and concentrating on what your hands are doing. Make sure to look at the road of course, but being aware of what your physical body is important in staying present.


I know this isn't any encouragement, but i haven't even gotten my G1 yet( it's a multple choice test ) and im 17... I can't imagine how i would be driving in this state. It's like I'm trapped in a movie ,camera lens **** 24/7...

Try meditation or like "distracting yourself before"