Homeward Bound

In two weeks time i begin to venture back to that place i declared home. This is an unintended journey from the original plan, but then again i didnt exactlly intend on malfunctioning or on well.. anything else.. heh im not super human. i havent told anyone back home aside from my folks that im returning early. 'Cause it really doesnt matter and ive got no doubt in my mind that ill get one hell of a kick from showing up at school and doorsteps, ohhh so unexpected. Jacob, whom is my attachment, is the one ill be seeing first. Im not sure how he'll react but man, im excited! I really hope that going home will help me:/ if it doesnt then i will just have to learn how to hide how i feel better, id think it would be unwise to tell the people who care for you that you kindof feel like a stranger to them, and them even stranger to you. But in a odd sort, a stranger that you know everything about. I want to be able to connect with these people, christ, i better be able to pull through. I want to be a little burden as possible, so ive got to get started on the repairs soon... and ive got to inform my grandmother that im leaving... and hope it doesnt upset her.
Westbank3364 Westbank3364
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013