My Dpd

 I joined an DPD supporting community online forum today. Got the chance to read others' stories and to chat with others about DPD. I feel much better now. So good to know I am not alone...

Since I was a kid, I got a foggy mind. That is why I never understand why some people will choose to take weeds or pots to keep them from being awake. 

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Yeah, but I kind of like being lively, now. Idk = /

Being quiet is better than making noise and stabbing people. Tell them to shut up. If they can't be quiet, those are their problems.

Yeah, I loved being who I was until people kept telling me they wouldn't accept me because I was too quiet. I used to pride myself on being stoic, but I'm torn between reverting to stoicism or remaining passionate. Can't I have both?

I was a strange kid,too. That never bothered me. Pretty much I just sat around quietly.

yeah, it happened when I was 8 or 9, I think. I was a strange kid.

That is scary.

yeah, hallucinations used to scare me. I once hallucinated that a small man from a cartoon I watched was trying to stab me with a knife. Now, I wish I could go back into my mind and shut myself out from the rest of the world.

I never take pots or weeds. Without my eyeglasses, I will easily get sleepy. I never understand why people will ever take drugs to experience hallucination. Without tea for a day, I will be dream-walking like hell.

yeah, everyone told me they thought I was stoned all of the time... the things I'm reading about dpd are disturbingly accurate about me<br />
<br />
When I first smoked pot, I hallucinated a lot and had disturbingly vivid and meaningful trips. Now, I enjoy reality, because I made some really good friends.