Should There Be Rainbows & Puppy Dogs

I have been the way I am since I can remember. A few doctors have told me that I have depression. My self diagnosis is this.....I suffer from a drastic realisation of truth. I tell myself that the world shouldn't always be about rainbows, puppy dogs and golden experiences...That life needs to be tough and challenging so we can grow and develope. but at the moment I am thinking that I say that to excuse the way I feel. I should be so very happy, I have 5 fantastic kids and a loving wife. I have a job that i do well at. I have more happy days than dark ones. but days like today hurt. It feels like my heart and lungs, perhaps my soul have been torn from me and placed beneath my shoes and with ever step i take I feel im crushing the life out of myself. Im lucky i guess coz i know ill feel better sooner rather than later. I hope there will be a rainbow tomorrow.
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Sep 16, 2012