I Dont Wanna Go

  I really don't wanna go to the doctor..and basically tell him i'm crazy-or for him to assume it. I mean I know I have problems, but to go to a stranger and pore my business out to him-and for him to perscribe me "crazy" pills...

  I don't have the guts to do that yet...

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thanks-one day..i will have to just do it. Put the excuses away and do it.

Yeah, it is hard separating all the contributing factors. You learn a lot about yourself though, by separating all the things that cause you sadness, pain, stress, discomfort, etc.<br />
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I did it though, and also a lot of research...combined with the fact that I really did want to be happy. It takes a lot of work, but I think that in the end the best thing to do is to be honest with yourself. I found that I had been denying a lot of things to myself.

i don't the beginning from the end anymore. ... so many things have contributed to this...i just don't know.

Be very careful about getting medication for depression. I knew someone who took medication for it, and it ended up, over time, destroying her brain. Toady she is not the person she used to be, and it is the medications fault. I have been depressed at different times in my life too, believe me I have. At my lowest I really really wanted to die. Looking back though, I am so glad I didn't take medicine for it. I learned alot about myself, human nature, and God through that dark time, and now I am a much stronger person. Not at all a perfect person, just a stronger happier person! :p<br />
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Depression is caused my different things….sometimes too much stress, loss of self-worth, not enough of a certain vitamin, etc. It is a disease, but not a disease that strikes randomly…there is always a cause.

:) thank you

Thanks guys!

Depression does not mean you are crazy - believe me, it doesn't! Think of it this way: your brain uses chemicals to interact, spark and send signals. Depressed people are not absorbing enough of these chemicals. Anti-depressants helps these chemicals along their pathways - that is it!! <br />
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Talk to your doctor - it does not mean you are deficient in anyway, shape or form.