A Quote That Suits Me...

"It was my mother who murdered me
It was my father who ate of me
it was my sister, Marjory
who all my bones in pieces found,
them in a handkerchief she did bound
and lied them under the almond tree.
Kwyitt kywitt kywitt, I cry
Oh what a beautiful bird am I."

For years I've been telling my mother that I have depression. And for years she has been avoiding the issue, leaving my soul to shrivel up and die, and make me feel hopeless because she couldn't even listen to me.
My father used to have worse anger issues, and told me many words that have forever scarred me.
My sister, though not named Marjory, has always just watched me suffer on my own. Whenever I'd turn to her for help, she would try to just hide my feelings away.
I want to believe I can overcome this. I want to believe that I can free myself from the darkness I've steeped myself in.

But I can't. and I feel hopeless.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
eternalxin eternalxin
May 18, 2012