Some R BIG
Some r small
But I felt all 43.

I didn’t scream
I didn’t cry
I didn’t care.

It was pain
It was punishment
I deserved it.

I wasn’t depressed
Nor sad
I was angry.

You see strong
I see weak
We’ll both know soon.

Every laugh
Every gesture
Please, it’s torture.

There’s no normal here
There will never be
You will never understand.

This is what is not accepted in today’s society.
So what if I’m a freak? An emo? A cutter?
Betcha never would have guessed it.

Because I’m Christian?
Because I’m so happy and confident?
Because I’m so good at acting?

Please promise me you will never go down my way.
Please promise me you will never decide to be like me.
I hate myself, and trust me, I have plenty reason to.
idratherfeelpain idratherfeelpain
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2012