no matter how much or how many times people or really /a/ person really says they love me and want to make me happy and will protect me... I can't help but feel that they actually hate me and really don't want to be anywhere near me... and this feeling is killing me
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Thats what depression does, it makes us feel isolated.
Especially if your depression has been triggered by an event and isn't just a chemical thing.
Someone has broken your trust and your belief in people, it won't be easy to get back. Just remember that because some people had a lack of humanity towards you, does not mean everyone will.
One day at a time, one person at a time. :)

thank you... I find it so hard to trust or believe people because I've been in hospital twice thanks to people breaking trust and pushing me towards suicide... and running away with my secrets once ive told them and saying nice things my face and **** behind my back... it would have been kinder to stab me,
I still hate myself now for talking to people about everything....

Yea, I know that feeling. Being lied to and betrayed is far worse than being hit. The body heals over time, but broken trust is permanent damage. I've often wish those who betrayed me would have just hit me instead.

I used to feel the same. For no reason at all you feel everything your partner says to you is a lie, as if they're taking the mick. But believe me if they didn't want you, they wouldn't be there. It's hard to find someone who will say those things to you. Keep your head up, you are loved.

thank you v.v

You're welcome.