I've always been a gentle and quite person. I rarely got angry... I was just sad. I read about people who were always angry because of their depression. I never understood till now.
I want to get into fights. I want to hit people and have them hit me back. I'm always biting my lip till it bleeds followed by clamping my jar and hating every little thing... It's so fu*king frustrating and no one has or is trying to help.
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Take up boxing or a martial art. It helped me a lot at your age.

I did that till the teacher started beating us.
He said is was discipline but when was discipline hitting a 13yr old with a stick till she was bleeding... this was followed by calling me a liar in front of the school when I told him how many hours I trained.

Holy crap, that was at your school? Or at the martial arts school?

martial arts school

at school they liked to push me to the ground and kick me or push me down the stairs.

Some martial arts instructors are bastards.
Wish I could teach you.

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