my diagnosis remains unclear to me cause ive been diagnosed with
so many things.But i do suffer from depression.I do cut and burn myself.
And my anxiety though ive never been diagnosed is relatively bad.
Its crazy knowing that i can say that so simple and yet these three things
have ruined my life along with psychosis domestic violence and suicide.
Im twenty one and not happy.I told my friend the other day im taking up
space for someone who deserves to be here.i love things about being here.
like my family and how there are so many things to see here.I love dreaming
and thinking the possibilities are endless/But i hate things about this world to.
depression.rape.murder.death.I hate not being able to take care of myself properly.
i hate injustice and people who think that suicidal people are cowards and attention
seekers.and i can not change anything so id rather give up.Im fighting for a lost
casuse and the lost cause is me.I can not cope in this world and i cannot survive.
My brothers and sisters are on there way and i am behind i could catch up but why
bother theyll have already won the race.Im not competeing with them i want to be
like them normal.Now some will say theres no such thing as normal and i agree but i
have my ideals of what id want it to look like and some of the things they have such
as someone who loves you i wish i had or a future
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Aug 20, 2014