I Have Depresion, Anxiaty ,and Trichelticmania

i have been diagnosed willingly of depression and i have had many panic attacks. i also have trichelticlmania, trich for short, which is pulling out your hair strand by strand as of a result of my depression and anxiety .i say willingly because i went to my psychiatrist and told them my symptoms and asked for help. He prescribed many anti-depressants and other drugs. most of them had bad side affects like dramatic weight loss, numbness, and fainting spells. so i went off the drugs for three years. i finally couldn't stand it and did my own research. i found out about this drug called LAMICTAL that has been in about one hundred trials for people diagnosed with depressions. so far, all subjects have improved with only one rare side effect, which is a harmless rash. it is originally used for reoccurring seizures. i have been on it for three weeks and so far no rash, i have stopped pulling, no more panic attacks, and i haven't felt sad for a week. and the best part is that it doesn't make me numb to the rest of my feelings. so for all of those who read this and have depression, ask your doctor about LAMICTAL, and for the rest of you i always enjoy feedback, good or bad.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

*Even though your account is gone I want to answer this anyway, so that people who read this post can take my advice*

I have moderate anxiety. Around the time I found out I was having really bad panic attacks every day. Once i was in a restaurant, and it was so bad that I started to pray for God to make it stop. I went into therapy and was told to breathe deep every time it happened, and to stay in bright places if possible (I hate the dark, it is kind of what brought on my anxiety). Over an year or so the panic attacks stopped, and since then they have never come back. If you have anxiety, depression, etc., go see someone professional that can help you. You'll feel much better. :D

I (used to) cut to bring down my anxiety. I still get anxiety and even before it becomes a full blown attack I think about cutting. if i cut then there is a good chance I can keep it from going all the way, and i'm already having an attack then it is a faster way (like 1/2 hr as opposed to hours) to get rid of it.<br />
I'm too scared of side effects to take medication though.

this is the strangest thing... i have evrything you have... i'm depressed i used cut myself and i pull out my hair... it's horrible.. i don't cut myself anymore but i always have the strong urge to do it. it's really hard to stop myself from thinking about it.. I'm like maybe if i do it i won't feel so depressed..it's a weird long story...