Why Is It So Hard

I got hurt and the wait of months of doing nothing is very tough. I've always worked and work was mt salvation I'm a single mom doing it all .. And now I've been reduced to tv and the date is coming up, but 100 depressed over the unknown and the knowing that the 3 close friends I have might nt be there for me in my need
My son is a very good kid Evan at 17 but I'm scared I've done everything 1 foot in front of the other I push on I'm a survivor but lately I feel how much longer can I fake the I'm okay. I find myself crying a lot and I really shouldn't. But I'm scared that when push come to shove ill be alone the surgey is very intense and recovery is up to 6 months.
Holly49 Holly49
46-50, F
Jan 11, 2013