Me And Depresion.

50 years of it on and off. 3 major breakdowbs. Too long to write and I'm so sick or rewriting my own history.
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break downs* of* in* except* anything* long*


I appreciate the sentiment but I don't have anger, angst and pain these days and don't need help with it. I use a shrink and he is the best. You don't seem to understand a word of what I wrote to you below. Why?

You see I am untroubled by depression other than being alert, proactive and continuing treatment regardless. That way it cannot get in you see so I already have complete protection against it. My way. CBT turns off any negative stuff that comes into my mind, I no longer even consider suicide or even have such fleeting thoughts.

It was my life for so long I had only one choice. Learn about it and know it better than it knows me. So I did.

You could say I'm cured except there's no such thing. More to the point, I know it as well as it knows me and negate it. Unless you want help with something specific I won't read what is behind your URL.

I also never follow URL's as they are the tools of kiddy diddlers and ID thieves and **** sites. Not saying you are, of course not. But I just won't do it. If you want me to read something, write it to me.

I am here to help you in your time of anger, angst and least read this story to give you strength. I know what depression is like...

Badge of honour indeed. You are a very sick arsehole. The peple i these groups are the only decent people here, escept if you're on too as you know nothingt at all. If you knew thing 1 about it you would know that 51 years means (on and off). No one could survive that ong without relief moron.

You should let us in sweetie...

**** off. Human beings are arseholes and I do not need them. You and your religious nutter friends are a pestilence that should be removed from the face of the earth to give us a chance at a good life. I ain't letting hypocrites like you into my life. I help you for no reward and you turn on me. Fark off. You are not able to tell me what I should or shouldn't do so keep your delusionary advice to yourself please. Any Christians try and help back then? NO, they ran away as usual. Try learning.

I'm not a religious freak and I don't **** off easily I for some unknown reason like you maybe it's you honest nature but for what ever reason it is I will still like you..I have heard worse and been treated worse yet I'm still here..Like it or not sweetheart I ain't going nowhere...Hugs

It's simply a forum, peer to peer where people try to help each other but the majority of what goes on here is people asking silly questions in order to get amusing answers.<br />
<br />
I much prefer talking to people with a serious issue and trying to help them find the way to recoery as I can;t do that part. That's up to the individual.<br />
<br />
Frgive me for this brie answer but it's 2 in the morning here and I just logged in to check somethin. Will respond later today OK?

I read your response to a post about someone feeling physically sick from stress. Intrigued, I registered for the project although I'm not sure really how to use it, or even find the rest of your advice for the question. My heart rate is constantly 110+ and I can't always back out of the anxiety. Please and thank you.

Hi Realm.

Ot really depends on what you mean when you describe simething as stress. You see there is n medical term "stress" at all. It's called anxiety, panic and a variety of those. Stress is a general term used by people to describe pressure without being specific, if you follow that. BPI isn't my expert area but I have found a URL : . which describes normal ranges for various ages.

On that chart, it you are any age up to about 40 - 45 110 would be normal. If you're older it does start to become too high for your age but not excessively so.

How do you know what your heart rate is all the time?

You mention not being able to back out of the anxiety. That's more my area. Anxiety is simply worry. You wory about what might happen if so and o ocurred. You worry about dying, You worry about anything at all and keep worrting about it and it becomes depression. Anxiety is a product of your own thoughts and can be controlled. Firstly there are meds that can do it. SO can relaxation, meditation and even exercise. If you let it keep building into depression you have a real problem as that is not easy to come back from.

I have but I'm a different person to before. Better too I think.

By far your best option is to see a GP and get a referall to a shrink as it sounds like it has become fairly entrenched. Discuss it with the shrink and he/she will give you a diagnosis and recommended treatment, which you should discuss and agree on. If you don;'t agree you must be clear with yourself why you don't agree. Perhaps they have misunderstood what you said? ANythings possible. But anxiety is a highly treatable illness and should be dealt with as quickly as you can. A last simple tipis just deep breathin. In through the nose and out through the mouth. I mean deep as when we are ansious we tend to have very shallow breath and that encourages the heart to work harder.

Come back to me at any time. Sorry I took so long, Been having a rough week.