Effective Treatments For Medication-resistant Depression.

I've been depressed since grammar school. At age 28 I was diagnosed bipolar type II. The first anti-depressant I was given, zoloft, worked for 7 years. Then I started the search for another medication. I tried for 2 years, every medication - except for pristiq, not on the market, yet. No medication worked. This happened15 years ago. My depression won't go away. But I've searched and found 2 treatments that seem very effective. They're not medications and, at least in new york city, they're not clinical trials, anymore. The first is ketamine injections. The ketamine i injected by a physician. It begins to treat depression within 40 minutes and it lasts several weeks. I contacted a new york city physician who administers the ketamine. I was turned down, though, because I had brain surgery, a cerebral aneurysm and I have epilepsy. People without major problems should be accepted. The other treatment is the vagus nerve stimulator for depression. This treatment has been available for many years to treat epilpsy - it was offered to me some 10 or 15 years ao and I turned it down. It's now available to treat medication-resistant depression. And it's my last hope. I'm unsure about it because it would have to be surgically placed and Ive always had major problems with general anesthesia. I once woke-up during surgery and spoke...they put me under again and I didnt wake-up for 3 days. I once slept from11am to 11pm...the nurses had to slap me to wake-me up. I even tried the twilight anesthesia. 3 times. And every time I felt everything and I had to be given regular anesthesia...I'm babbling...look up the ketamine injections and the vagus nerve stimulator online. If theyre available for you, go for it!
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I struggle with depression, and have as long as I can remember. I'd like to recommend a book called Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl. It has really helped me stay out of the depression trap and move on with my life.