I have Major Depressive Disord...

I have Major Depressive Disorder(MDD).  I was Diagnosed with this last summer. I go through it everyday. Most of the days I just stay in the house up in my room on the 3rd floor on the computer. I only go downstairs when i need to use the bathroom, to eat, and get something to drink, and do the dish's, but i don't do the dish's everyday i say about once a week not even that. I don't even take a shower everyday. I will say about once or twice a week. I don't even watch tv or movies any more like i did before.
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i was diagnosed with the same in 2004 due to an accident i was in. i found it difficult to take the medication at first and found it even more difficult to get the 'right' pill (for me) prescribed. once i started taking the medication regularly for approximately a year and went to therapy about once a month i found great relief. HOWEVER ... i'm not going to lie ... i still hide out in my bedroom ignoring the phone, the door, even email sometimes. i leave my bedroom only for the same reasons as you and it's improved immensely from where i was in the beginning ... it's hard to remember just HOW bad it used to be considering the state i'm in now is 'good' for me. :-O funny thing is ... i don't feel depressed any more. i used to be sad, despondent, exanimate, nearly if not completely suicidal on a daily basis and now i'm just 'calm' ... perhaps it's a numbness that's washed over me. i'm uncertain since i've quit therapy and my 'condition' (from the accident) causes lots of symptoms that affect and play into the depression. so i'm not sure if it's depression or if it's the 'condition' i have now. all i can tell you is to give in and take the medication - find the 'right' one for you, go to therapy regularly and do this until you've gone about an 18 mo period feeling 'normal,' somewhat happy at the very least, CONTENT, etc. - until all the negative symptoms you suffer from alleviate by approximately 80% before you discontinue therapy or medication. (that's what my doc told me ... for whatever it's worth.) i'm sorry you have MDD ... it's very difficult and hope you soon find peace in your journey.