Looking For Different Successes In The Fight Against Dermatillomania

I'm afraid of what I'm doing to myself. all my life I have picked at everything. it used to be so skin wouldnt get caught on things when I was younger, but its becom such a habbit that I have to pick at any loose skin on my body. this normally includes my fingers, my forehead, any acne or scab, any bug bites or bumps on my skin, the bottoms of my feet, peeling sunbruned areas, around my eyes, I pick my nose, the skin on my lips, and any dry patches. Everywhere I have turned for professional help, they have clamed it was my aderol, and put me on things like zoloff and the like, but they never worked, and it only got worse. I don't think its my aderol anymore. I watch myself destroy my body, and if I'm alone I scream at myself to stop. I try so hard to pull my hands away, but nothing responds. its like a magnet pull. sometimes to try to snap myself out of it I'll slap myself, normally in the face, to try to force myself to realize how much more destruction the picking is doing than the slap. someitmes it works, but its not a perminant cure. I went for awhile where I could just continuously keep the action in my concious mind and every second focus on not doing it, but the second I have to concentrate on something else it starts again. I find it happens more violently so when I'm near my parents, mostly my mom, or when I think something is wrong. I'm a minor, so I can't exactly avoid them to help myself. I'v tried putting bandaids over these areas so I can't reach them to train myself to stop, but the bandaids slide off too easily. I'v tried having my borfriend pinch me when I start picking, or hold my thumbs away from everything else, but none of these is a perminant cure because he cant be there all the time. I also find that I zone out alot when I'm picking my fingers thinking about thinks I want to do, but its like my body is in a vegtable like state. alot of times I think about how much I want to stop picking, but I can't help but stare at how marvelous it looks and feels to have that tiny piece of skin peel off and add to a small pile on a desk somewhere. somewhere in my mind, this is horrifying because the other part of my brain enjoys this s much. I'm so afraid of it. has anyone had any success in natural cures for semi-simular cases of this? if not, can I get any references for places or people to go to for medical and medicinal advice? thanks.
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Yes, I have had success naturally, through a combination of things: techniques I learned and support I got at a skin picking group at the OCD center of LA, calming and energetic techniques I learned as a yoga and Brain Gym instructor, and dietary changes. Now I'm a holistic health coach helping others stop naturally too (although it still works if you want to take medicines at the same time). Please feel free to check out my website to stop skin picking: www.stop-picking.com (or www.bfrbcoaching.com)

hey your story really is similar to mine, i also tell my husband to slap my hand when he sees me picking, but that doesnt work. Im trying to add you as a friend but it tells me i cant?