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Hello! Just found this group today and I am excited. Even if I don't get better myself, perhaps I will be of some small help to others. Brief summary of relevant details: Tourette's diagnosed at age 4. Started going to therapy for various things. Developed what I thought was depression and anxiety (I had no social life. That is better now!) but was diagnosed as OCD (b/c I worried a lot?) around 6th grade and started taking SSRIs. Developed trichotillomania around 7th grade, went to CBT, and it worked! Yay! I guess I was "clean" for a little while but by the end of 8th grade, dermatillomania had crept up on me. Tried more therapy, didn't work this time. Upped the drugs (Zoloft). Tried adding Clonidine, just made me sleepy. Tried therapy a bunch more times, but I think I'm too stubborn. I go back and forth between "OMG I cannot live with this problem, must get rid of it now!" and "it's manageable, I'll deal with it." Currently I'm on the latter, but I might as well give this group a try. Like I said, maybe I'll be able to help someone if nothing else.
More fun facts: Just graduated from college, currently working on med school applications. I want to be a psychiatrist. I'm fascinated by the brain and mental illness. I dunno, could have something to do with my background? I imagine myself working with people with dermatillomania and studying the disorder and helping to develop some more reliable treatments. I guess I understand why there's not much research on the topic now--relatively few people suffer from this compared to other illnesses, and there's only so much funding available. Still, reading everyone's stories here reminds me that people do suffer. Hopefully I'll be able to do something about it some day.
Unfortunately, I worry about my lack of motivation and focus. I'm not completely convinced that I'll be able to get through or even into medical school. Sure, I graduated from a top school with college honors. I don't know how, though. I am quite the slacker, procrastinator, can't read anything for very long without falling asleep. It doesn't help that I waste 1-2 hours picking most days. I wonder how much I can blame my various disorders and how much is just laziness. I know it is some of both. Today I was supposed to be working on apps, but instead I spent lots of time on this site! But hey, it's important!
Ok, that was not brief. Sorry. Later I will post about all of my philosophizations (totally a word!) about why I pick and such.
Thanks for reading!
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Wow, that is so awesome that you want to be a psychiatrist and hejp individuals with dermatillomania! you seem like such an inspirational person and you CAN stop picking! stay positive.