Hopefully On The Road To Recovery...

First of all, it is so great to see so much support from others on this website and I am so happy to be a part of this group. I have been dealing with compulsive skin picking since I was in middle school and began developing acne. It wasn't horrible back then, but I remember picking at my face sometimes. It wasn't until about my sophomore year in high school that I began compulsively picking at anything and everything on my face. My senior year in high school I picked at my face more but never would really admit to it and never talked to anyone about it. It wasn't until just last year when I began college that I realized I had a serious problem. I would constantly pick at my face and felt that any zit, bump, blackhead, whitehead or scab must be eliminated from my face to achieve perfect skin. Obviously, picking at my face only makes the problem worse. But, when I am in the moment and having a prolonged picking session, all I focus on is that I must get this imperfection out of my body somehow. I could spend hours in the mirror examining my face, picking and peeling at everything and I have even used needles & tweezers to get rid of imperfections on my face and dig into my skin. Not only was I ruining my face, but I had also began picking at my shoulders and chest area and sometimes my legs. I became very depressed, felt unattractive, had low self-confidence and didn't want to go out and would avoid social situations because of how I looked. For me, picking was very stress relieving and kind of felt good in a weird way. But, I was caught in this vicious cycle because picking only makes the stress worse! One day i decided to google this skin picking problem I have been dealing with and I find out that it actually has a name: Dermatillomania. So, I began talking to my mom all about this disorder and how even though I am on some special kind of skin medication I still have skin problems due to my compulsive skin picking. I was suddenly very determined to end this disorder because I felt like it was controlling my life. One day I found this website: http://www.stoppickingonme.com/ and realized I do have the power to end this disorder. I have not had a really intense, long picking session in about a month and am amazed at how my face looks. It took me awhile to get to this point, but it is possible. There is only redness and minor scarring on my face and shoulders and chest but I feel like I might finally be on the road to recovery and am determined to win this battle against my skin.

I want to tell everyone that YOU CAN STOP THE PICKING! It is possible, trust me and have hope and take it one day at a time. Realize that your skin will never be perfect and make stopping the picking your goal, not having perfect skin. Try not to look closely in mirrors and neosporin works really well on redness and scabs! I suggest everyone talk to someone about their disorder and take a look at this website: http://www.stoppickingonme.com/  Also read filfuls tips about how to stop picking on this support gruop! They are very helpful! 

 And one more thing! Try bikram yoga! It's really good for your skin and will put you in an amazingly good mood! =)

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no problem! =)

I started reading that website and it is quite interesting. It needs major editing, is a bit preachy about what is healthy, overgeneralizes about medicine, and has some questionable facts (and I don't know who the writer is and what her credentials are), BUT it also has lots of good stuff so it's worth checking out.<br />
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Congrats on your progress, and thanks for the encouragement and for your comment on my story!

I don't pick at my face but I still visit the link.. it's informative. here's my favorite line: ^^,<br />
<br />
"people are less likely to admit they have a problem with skin picking as opposed to having a drinking problem"