How Can I Get Help?? I'm To Embarrassed! :(((

I have been picking at my scabs ever since I could remember, even as a young girl. I remember being at school and I didn't even think that I was doing it until a kid saw me and was grossed out. I am now 21 and have recently learned that this isn't just a simple nervous habit but an OCD. I have tried EVERYTHING to try and stop picking. Wearing gloves, using all types of band aids, everything. Just when I think the scabs are healing and I'm not going to pick I pick them right then and there
I don't pick at regular skin but at scabs from scratches or bug bites that get bigger and bigger every time I pick them. Sometimes I'll have the same scab for months and they always leave big, ugly scars.
It has prevented me from being hired on a job as my hands will have scabs on them or my arms and I would not be allowed to wear a long sleeve shirt. I recently moved and started seeing a new doctor who noticed the scabs and suggested medications but I got scared and stopped seeing her. And now I realize that I can't stop and need something else that might help me.
I want so badly to tell my doctor about my problem but I am very embarrassed and feel humiliated by it. I can't keep living my life as a walking scab but I can't sum up the courage to confront anyone about it because I am afraid to be put on the medication for this type of problem.
What should I do???? I am at wits end and any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Bluehorse,i know how you feel iam 26 and have been doing in for years,i know what your going through,Ive become so isolated. I really think you should talk to your Dr about it. I know if i could i would,i have no insurance,but if i did i would get right on that. You don't want to end up like me my body is horrible,scabs upon scabs they are big and black,itch,burn and sometimes i get pain in them. I have it all over,arm buttocks,legs,stomach,breast etc. Please talk to your doctor. Im here for you whenever you need to talk OK. I know its hard only my mother and sister knows its problem,but unless you go through it you couldnt possibly understand. Take care.

you are not the only one with this problem or with a problem of nervous disorders. I am the one. <br />
And i strongly recommend you to go see a professional no matter what. DO not be embarrased. we are all human beings, and we need help fromoutside. Think of a techer, we to go school to study, and teacher is the one who is specialized at teaching, we go shopping and talk to consultants who are there for us. Same for phsycologists who have skills to root out a real problem for us. It is not easy to simply say: I will stop tomorrow. i mean knowing myself with eating disorder it doesnt always work for me. The main thing here is to determine what causes this our diability: we are getting worried about some things, we are unsatisfied with someone/something, being under pressured...may be anything. But a doctor really makes it clear for us. This talk is not about to make you feel worse after your confession. It is for your sake to help you/us. <br />
<br />
I Am really hoping you will get a strength to go to talk a doctor.Wish you best in life and future!