First Course Of Action...

I read a lot of these stories recently, and I have to say, it is nice to see that I am not alone. I have also gone on TLC's (Trichotillomania Learning Center, I think), and read up on stuff. Seeing it all laid out clinically has made it seem a lot less weird and disgusting. I am not ready to share this particular personal fault yet, but give me some time.
But, what I did do today was follow some of the advice I read on filful's post, and got....

And jesus christ, they suck.
But in a good way, haha!
Mine aren't too long, but it is a lot harder to do everything. Using my laptop is kind of a pain and texting is nearly impossible, but so is picking!
The nails don't look half bad either. I didn't go hooker long, and I got them painted silver. =]
Getting fake nails isn't something I've ever done or really showed interest in doing before. So, my excuses for doing it have run from "I just want to try them, summer is a time to do the unexpected!" (parents), to "I want to stop biting my nails" (friends).
The latter excuse isn't really so far from the truth.

Anyways, cheers for a good day! I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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thats creative :) you can find some more methods in