Now Sure If This Is What I Have, If I Am In The Right Place

All I know is I have always been poking at my body. I used to pull out my hair and eat it. Then I stopped and starting pulling at my eyebrows. Then I started rubbing my chest. Now I rub my neck constantly. I also poke my arms and hands with objects, so it makes indents. I sometimes bite myself as hard as I can to see what happens. I rub my eyes a lot. It's really hard not to do it. Sometimes I do it so hard I feel like barfing but I can't stop until I am satisfied.
CourtneyKleiner CourtneyKleiner
2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Those do sound like body-focused repetitive behaviors, like picking. What's interesting is that there's so much heterogeneity among the people who engage in these behaviors. Even among pickers-- some do it more to reduce anxiety, some find it pleasurable. Sometimes it's almost automatic and sometimes it's very focused. I went to a conference on OCD and related disorders this past weekend and learned a ton of really interesting stuff. You can download handouts from the conference here:<br />
In particular, check out "Break free from body-focused repetitive disorders" and "Impulsivity vs. compulsivity." Also, here's a link to an online OCD support group, where experts regularly respond to messages:<br />
I hope some of that helps!

Its sounds like you have Dermatillomania as well as Trichotillomania with a side of Pica. Probably all a result of stress or depression. I think you should see a psychologist before you start progressing again.