How To Stop- Advice

Okay, this is a revised edition of my 'Tips on Stopping the Picking'-- if you are interested in reading the more lengthy version, check it out. This is just a condensed version with some extra tips that I found and added in to help. Hope this helps:

Just FYI-- I have had a few relapses since I wrote the original, but they have been minor. I find myself better able to control picking episodes when they occur.

1) Get rid of portable mirrors and try to stay away from large mirrors in bathrooms/bedrooms, etc.
2) Use facial cleansing cloths. You don't need to see yourself in the mirror to use these, and they effectively remove all dirt, oils, makeup etc. without needing to use water to rinse afterward. Perfect for getting into bed, cleansing, putting on medicine/moisturizer then going to bed. Pretty much every drugstore carries these.
3) Stick up post-its that say "No Picking" or "Stop it" in areas where you tend to pick.
4) Go on this website and read about other people's struggles. Not only does it put things in perspective, but it reminds you why you need to quit and how detrimental picking is to our lives.
5) Tell your friends/family about your struggles, and ask for their support.
6) Keep a log to track down when you pick and what prompted you to do it.
7) Exercise. Try to go for a walk regularly, at least.
8) Go to bed early, like before midnight.
9) Try acrylic nails. Nobody I have talked to, to date, has been able to pick with acrylic nails--including myself.
10) Do things to make you feel good about yourself. Fix your hair, wear makeup, and please go out. Don't bottle yourself in. The more you make yourself happy, the less likely you will spend time in front of the mirror picking, and the quicker time passes for your skin to heal itself.

Lastly, breathe. It seems like the end of the world when you do it, but it's ok to relapse. The most important part is taking the step forward to quit, and following through with your progress. You will make mistakes along the way, but by being proactiv you are getting closer to being pick-free every day. Don't make clear skin a goal-- just make 'quitting the picking' a goal. You'll be a lot happier with yourself and your body image if you do.


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Jul 31, 2010