Smart Recovery

Hello everyone. I have not visited here in a very long time. I think I will close account now. For those who might be interested, check out SMART recovery at The SMART is dedicated to help treating addictions and all types of maladaptive behavior disorders. There is an area there for those who self harm. Yes, most of it is for cutters, but there are many who self injure and have dermatillomania too. SMART helps by providing "tools," reading and homework you can do to help you begin to understand this and take steps to help learn to change, learn triggers, learn healthier habits and lifestyle. It is free. You can just read and check it out. One thing I found there is tons of wonderful support, sincere people reaching out to others, encouraging others. You might not think this is for you because the majority is for other types of addictions. But, even if you read through the thousands of posts on the message boards, there is much that can be learned and applied to our circumstances. I'm finding it very helpful. Good luck to all of you.
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Jun 11, 2011