I Didn't Know It Had A Name

Hi all, I started "picking" in Spring of 2008, seemingly out of the blue. Nothing had changed at that point, life was fine, no upsets or medical issues or anything. I have no idea why I started doing this to my face, but my face picking got really bad really fast. I would pick and pop and peel at my facial skin until what had started out as a whitehead was a big bloody thing, ugh! Once I remember a co-worker said to me, "Your face is bleeding." I felt SO embarrassed every time I let myself think of how awful my face must look. Recently I tried to donate blood, and the phlebotomist was hesitant to take my donation because she thought I had some weird/contagious skin disease. I hate this. I went to a dermatologist in 2008, and she said the best drug she could offer for this "condition" would be Zoloft. I have been on Z and other SSRIs and SNRI's off and on for years (for depression/anxiety tx), but obviously they do not help me any when it comes to the skin picking. So the dermatologist gave me some antibiotic cream, to prevent infection a least. I went back to her again just a couple weeks ago, because my face looked so bad that I knew the only "cure" would be an oral antibiotic, which she did in fact prescribe. The face is healing up a little, but I can't seem to leave it alone long enough to heal completely. I hate this. I am SO embarrassed. I don't want to look like I have a contagious disease and scare people. But I really have no idea how to stop this :o(
mylkshayk mylkshayk
31-35, F
Jun 28, 2011