It started when i was five years old. I would pick every scab that appeared and then drink my blood. I continue to this and i am now 14 years old. I feel horrible and i really want to stop, but i can't. I didn't think there i was anyone else in the world who did this, but i soon discovered that wasn't true. It has brought me to the brink of suicide and back. What's even worse is that overweight. That means people have two things to make fun about. Whenever I wear shorts or dresses people stare at my legs and arms. Of course most people choose to ignore that when they meet me. I am one of the girl's who has the designer clothes, ipads, iphones and droids,etc. But my mother has threatened to throw since i was 11. I sometimes cry at night because i don't know what to do. I really need some help and support.All i want is for someone to talk too
Zairia Zairia
18-21, F
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Zairia, you are not alone! I've only just learned that this thing we do has a name and that others besides me do it. Keep reading people's stories on this forum, and you might want to visit It's for trichotillomania and dermatillomania with lots of great information. Never give up hope! I've tried to hide pcking all my life, and I'm almost 49 years old now. I can't really hide it anymore, and I really want to stop. I've only just joined this forum, but I've already seen so much helpful information. Things will get better for you. Keep visiting the forum! Hang in there :-) and I will too :-)

TAlking about it would be great:)

You can talk to me :D The scabs and scars are very embarrassing, true. Just know that you CAN stop, or atleast significantly reduce the amount it happens. It doesn't matter if people ignore the signs or point it out, it just matters that if they ask, you can tell them truthfully that you're trying your best. Don't give up!