I Have Dermatillomania

I have had dermatillomania for as long as i can remember. it started around my nose and fingers.. now its also my feet which is a major part of it. My mom says i may have my foot amputated one day.

I cant stop.. and nobody around me understands fully. Like what do i do ? ive tried every type of medication and therapy i can. Nothing works, and is it wrong that i may not want help? help me get help even if i dont want it.

How do people do it ?
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2 Responses May 2, 2012

Have you tried Luvox? If that does not help try 200mg of Amitriptyline daily with 4mg's of alprazolam 2mg's in at wake up and 2mg's in the PM.

possibly similar to how folks (like me) with bad eczema (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eczema incase anyone wants to learn lol) , and thats stick to what your doc gives ya, resist the urge to pick,scratch,rub ect, and don't give a crap what others think, nobodies perfect so keep your chin up and be proud of who you are :)