Scalp Picking. .can't Stop! Anyone Else Relate?

I continually pick at my scalp throughout the day and especially when i am alone. I get excited when i have my quiet time where no one is going to bother me so i can dig at the few spots on my scalp they are callus like now. I also have one spot on my face (chin area) that i pick at with tweezers. I am always pulling off the scab (dry skin) and there is a ball like cyst thing of scar tissue in there so i feel determined if i pick a little deeper i will get to it and never do. Its horrible and consuming. This has started since my Mom passed away in 2007 and my son and I (since i was single) moved back into my moms house to take care of my disabled sister. At that time i also starting having anxiety attacks. I was put on Citalopram for the anxiety and the actual attacks have gotten better, but the picking is worse. Its embarrassing because my hand always goes to pick my scalp whether i am driving or at work. My co-workers must think i am a nut case. Anyone else experiencing anything like this? Its always on my mind. Crazy.

melimel71 melimel71
1 Response May 21, 2012

I've just recently started scalp picking, and, frankly, I find it weirdly satisfying, so I won't be of much help to you. Perhaps if you found some activity that kept your hands busy, (knitting?) you'd be able to channel your anxious feelings. Good luck!