Didn't Know There Was An Actual Name For This

if I feel the slightest area that feels different or itchy I can't seem to stop myself. even a hair that lays funny. I have to yank it out.

I am 95 % sure that it is a sort of stress response. stress makes me feel itchy then if I pick at the itchy spots I guess the stress goes away? it is a huge relief to scratch/ pick/pluck/. has nothing to do with dry skin as mine is oily.  once I had a series of microdermabrasion and thought it would hurt. I flippin loved it . my face was so smooth

immediatebliss immediatebliss 41-45 2 Responses May 27, 2008

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yeah the tannorexics :)

Thanks for sharing your story. The part about loving the microdermabrasion made me smile. I have to remember *not* to try that out just to avoid getting hooked! (You know how folks get hooked on tanning beds and end up looking 10 years older than they are? I would worry about a similar "need" developing with dermabrasion.) Welcome to the group.