Small Victories And Helpful Tips

Today I walked into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror, and didnt pick. Shower Time is Picking Time for me, and I was out of the bathroom in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours. I had to share, Ive never done that before! I'm not gonna pretend I'm done picking, cause I'm not that dumb, but when you have dematillomania, ya gotta make the small victories count :)

Now, Id like to share some helpful tips that Ive found over the last 8 years to help with scarring or help the disease in general. Ok, so:

1.) For all you face-pickers such as myself, if you can, relieve your picking urges around your hairline. Easier to hide. Also, quality makeup helps. I use Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse first, then a layer of Maybelline Perfect Finish Airfoam foundation, then Maybelline mineral powder. After that I put blush on, and use the Airfoam foundation again for little spots you can still see (just not over the blush) It works MIRICLES for me :)

2.) Acne body wash :) For some crazy, unknown reason, my scars are a lot less severe when I use this on my shoulders, back, and arms (I use the Neutrogena kind, but Oxy is good too. Both can be found at WalMart). Also, try to treat it right after a picking session (same goes for the face).

3.) Shaving! Call me crazy, but I started shaving my arms, and my scars eventally got quite a bit lighter. I think its because when you shave, it takes off a few skin cell layers :)

Thats all the tips I got. Sorry I dont have any for legs or anything, but thats not one of my target areas. Stay beautiful. <3
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1 Response Jun 23, 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that I have dermatillimania and have had it since I can remember even as a child. Now at 47 I am finally ready to admit I need help for it. Just FYI I'm diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome and mild OCD. For many years I would throw up where it became so out of it I had to have a ambulance take me to the hospital because I hyperventallated and my hand started cramp up from breathing too fast. I'm pretty sure all these things may be related In some ways. My new shrink did some research (I'm his first patient to have this as he hadn't even known about it. Maui<br />
Anyhow I was so discouraged from my visit with him I almost didn't go back. He prescribed me a drug called naltrexone which helps block the addictive to the endorphins and other addictive things like addiction to drugs and alcohol. I've been on it a week now and am still hurting so good when I pick. Oh did I mentioned part of the gratification is to eat the scab. When I was little I would chew off the skin around my fingers. I'm just glad I'm not alone out ther with all these weird illnesses.