Please Take My Scars Away

I just want to be free and unchained. I want to put my memeries to peace. It's hurting me so bad. I use to go insane Because I felt like I was being punished. I wanted to die and no one understand me. People use to show me their scars from picking.. A scar or 2 and I would get mad. Because it was never like my problem. I wanted to say take your scar and multiply it by 20 and then come talk to me. I went through life not living, staying indoor in the summer. I was forced to love winter. Winter is my favoritw season but really, deep down it's fullblown summer. I cry to god all the time and ask if i'm being punished or shown something and I just feel alone. I hate how much hope I have in things. One bit of hope and i'm thrown over the edge of believing. With that being said I tried so many skin lighting creams and been to dermatologists that ended me no where. I'm hating life. hope is killing me and I cant take no for an answer.i dont want to die like this. It's the worst feeling. Just taking life one day at a time not remebering what I did that day or any day. I dont remember any good days in middle school or high school or now. My grades are all im proud of..
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Have a look at and read the testimonials from people with similar problems.

I understand your pain, I have raised and pitted scars covering my legs that make them look discolored. I'm thinking of trying a spray tan to hide them for when I go swimming, but I really can't muster the courage to show my legs out of the water. I'm trying to work my anxiety and all the beating up I do on myself for the scarring with my therapist, because I know the picking was something I cannot really control, like an addict for example.

I know this is old but have you ever tried dermaroller ~I've seen(you tuber with acne pitted scars) and heard of people getting rid of them by using that in other places. And it can be cheap like 12-20 dollars.


Ill talk to you if you need that.
You could also see a therapist which might help and has helped others if you find the right one for you.