Pain, It's All I Know :-(

Greetings of peace & love,

I am Yasmeen, I am 45yrs young, I have been picking since I was a teenager, not to the extreme that I am at now, It started after my last hospitalization in August 2012, I have PTSD, Severe Depression, Body Dismorphic Disorder and Anxiety. I was put on several medications during my inpatient stay, then continued until now, I started picking my skin so much when I was released from the partial hospitalization center in Sept 2012. When I finally went back to work, my face was a mess. I have not been able to stop, I have started on my face, back, legs. It is horrible. When my stress level is high it seems I really start in on myself. I guess others have hurt me so much if I am going to be hurt let it be at my own hands. I have suffered with depression, anxiety since I was 5 yrs old I must say after many years of abuse, I lost myself.


ascentofjasmine67 ascentofjasmine67
41-45, F
Jan 17, 2013