Facing Up To Dermatillomania

I recently started a personal blog (http://www.dermapick.com/my-story.html) where I talk about my dermatillomania and what I'm doing to help my skin. Here is an excerpt from the blog where I also have pictures of how I'm progressing using new skin medications. It is really nice to find a community where we can share with each other! I would love for you to stop by and read my blog (I really just started it - just two entries) and leave me your thoughts!

(Blog Excerpt) ...Thing is, if it weren't for my constant touching and picking, my skin would actually be just fine. Nearly all of the skin issues that I have are caused by me. This is a problem for a couple of reasons. Reason #1: If it's caused by me, then only I have the power to fix it. Unfortunately, anyone who has lived with an OCD knows that it's not as simple as just telling yourself to stop doing something. If everyone who had an OCD just told themselves to stop engaging in their chosen fixation, then there would be a lot more happy people out there, and a lot more sad and bored therapists and drug companies. That being said, it's hard to literally and figuratively buy into a product when I know it's my own damn fault that I look this way, which leads me to my second issue...

Because my picking is pretty much the only reason my face is always broken out, I have a hard time using medications, creams, expensive soaps, and going to the dermatologist because I ALREADY KNOW THE REASON FOR MY ACNE. In my mind, there is no amount of Benzyol Peroxide or liquid nitrogen (I think that's the cold stuff in that metal cylinder) that will clear up my skin. I'm just going to leave the doctor's office and go straight to my bathroom mirror and pick at whatever I can anyway. Why waste the money?

So, when it came to using the Unblemish Regimen, I went through all the same emotions that surfaced every time I left the dermatologist's office with a frozen and aching face, a bag full of samples, and four prescriptions for medications that I'll never use; I was just overwhelmed with the futility of it all. A week and a half later, I was looking at those four bottles with a pit in my stomach knowing that if I didn't at least give this stuff a try, I would be really disappointed with myself...
Jstone34 Jstone34
Jan 22, 2013