Never Say Never...

At the age of 10 years I wrote in my diary:

"I will never pick again!!!"

A month ago (now eighteen) I was sure that I was kind of awkward... not normal.. psycho because of my bad habits concerning my skin. I thought I would never stop picking at all.

When I found out about Dermatillomania I thought that I could NEVER share this with somebody. Not me... The "perfect" girl... the happy girl, the clever girl... never...

Today I know that I will never say never again! Everything changes at one point in your life. The only thing I repeat saying is:

I will NEVER give up!

Yeah.. :) I know, there is a "never" in this phrase.. But it's a motivating, positive and essential never. I won't always win this fight not to touch my skin, not to damage it... but I will constantly repeat this senctence in my head. Because there'll always be a way out!

Vivyanne Vivyanne
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

My dermatillomania has gotten so terribly bad on my face that today I had a huge breakdown and decided to dedicate my entire day to crying, I felt like just giving up, anywho thank you for your story and with such a positive attitude like yours I have no doubt that you will succeed in overcoming your dermatillomania, stay strong :)