Picking..can I Stop?

  I just found out today that the damage i've been doing to my skin for years is called dermatillomania.  And I also found out that a lot of other people do this too.   I started by picking at my scalp when i was about 10 or 11....and i still do it now.  it doesnt bother me too much because it isn't an obvious thing...my hair covers any scabs or scars. 

  I started to pick at my back when i was 12, and still do this as well.  I have gotten to the point that i can just run my fingers along my shoulders and back, and feel where i should pick.  any tiny imperfection gets it.   I pick at my face too...it's not as bad as my back really.  I only have a few scabs going at one time, and I can cover it with make-up.  but when it's a big area, or a lot of scabs at once i feel like some sort of freak. 

   My newest obsession has been picking at my legs.  Right now they are really kinda scary looking. and they hurt.  a few are infected, but i still pick at em.. i  can't stop.   I'm not sure how to go about stopping.  I pick when i am bored, stressed, or anywhere near a mirror.  I find picking at my legs convienient because I don't need the mirror.  I don't understand why I do this, or how to stop. does anyone have any ideas, or similar experiences?


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2 Responses Aug 29, 2008

Holy crap. I do this very same thing. I had no idea.

A work collegue of mine used to do that all the time...when he was stressed and when he was uncomfortable - he wasnt very good with people so he picked at his arms even when there were people in front of him - i dont think he realised he was even doing it!! <br />
I think if you are aware of it then it should be easier to control...its not that easy though I am sure. Glad you are getting better!