Not Getting Better

It is a relief and sad to see so many people going through what I am. I've been picking at my skin forever. I had kp on my arms since I was 5 and other skin conditions that went undiagnosed. I've always picked at both and have been waiting to "grow out of" the kp my whole life (27 now) only to no avail. It only seems to be getting worse and is now on my entire arm. The scarring is so bad and if I don't cover my arms any one I talk to stares at them and not me. I had laser hair removal on my lower arms and that is when I started getting bumps and picking my lower arms. SO WARNING, DON'T DO IT!

I tried to tell my best friend about it when I finally found a name and she doesn't get it. She thinks I'm just crazy and a hypercondriac. I want to get over this but if I can't have normal looking skin again, what's the point? Has anyone found something that really repairs skin scarring and damage? Would a heavy duty acid peel work? I wish I could start over and stop myself before it got to this point.  I've found that Glytone works well in reducing bumps that trigger my picking. It's a glycolic lotion that promotes cell turnover. It can be used all over your body.

I know this is very jumbled but it is actually making me feel better. To let it out and have someone get it for once is a very positive feeling. I've never met anyone in person with the same condition. Has anyone else? Was there some sort of nod and wink, like I feel you sister?

I could go on for hours but I won't. Thanks for an ear... or eyes. However, you want to view it.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Hi there, rather than using acids etc (which only inflame the skin more, dry it out which could cuase flaking and them more endless picking!) use oils and lotions with natural remedies to soothe,. I find mixing a bit of coco butter with some aloe and some pure vitamin e oil (which you can by from health shops) and applying at night (when i'm elast likely to pick) will get rid of all redness by morning. And i also find that less redness/irrititation means less picking so it all helps the cycle.