Picking Story

I compulsively chew or pick my fingers around the cuticles to the point that they hurt and are messy and a bit scabby down to the first knuckle. I'm fine on the weekends. Then Monday comes and I'm at work. I pick and chew and I've gotten to the point now I paint on liquid bandaid to stop it from burning but end up peeling that off and going in for more. I want my fingers to be smooth (this is the hangup) so I pick off the frayed parts...and end up with raw messes that never get to fully heal. This sounds insane. I've done it since I started school. Seven of my fingers have scabs on them. They heal really fast too (out of necessity). I have to stop this. I tried to quit one finger a day, but I swear I chewed inside of my lip to the point it was painful and that's a little crazier...so I went back to the fingers. I don't realize I'm doing it until I bleed.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I'm thinking it might be stress related?

That sounds painful. Have you ever tried that nail polish that's designed to help people stop bitting their nails? It's suppose to taste really bad. Maybe that would help.