Hi guys! I just wanted to share my experience and battle with this nasty disorder and to find someone to converse with about it! I'm a thirteen year old girl and have struggled with severe dermatillomania for about two years. I've always liked to pick at my skin but recently I've become obsessed with the state my face is in. I get anxiety about the imperfections on my skin (whether they are a real issue or not) and I am constantly getting made fun of for wearing too much makeup to try to coverup. I suffered from trichotillomania a few years back and have always had urges to 'fix' the things I believe are flaws when it comes to my body image. I'm trying really hard to recover and I really love to motivate others to do the same!! Would love to chat with anyone about 'skin-picking' as I feel like nobody in my life truly understands what I'm going through right now! Thanks so much xxx
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I have picked my whole life and am hoping some day to find a way to stop. Doctors don't take this seriously. I have had many even look at me with disgust and tell me to just stop. Even mental health professionals who know you can't just stop having a mental illness

Hi, I'm 14 and I've had dermatillomania since I was five. It started with my fingers but now it includes my lips and just about every other place which I deem ugly-looking. I just can't seem to stop picking even though I know it makes my skin look worse and others are grossed out about it. Sometimes it's so bad that I just sit there staring determinedly into space while I obsessively pick at my lips until I bleed. It's interfering with my social life as well, and I hate it so much. I came here to find someone to talk to about this as well, thanks for posting this and I hope we can chat.